Todd Badon- Purchase(Ball Pythons)

Joey Handran- Purchase and Trade(Ball Pythons and Rats)

Ernest Green- Purchase and Trade(Ball Pythons)

Daniel Solis- Purchase and Trade(Boa/Ball Python)

Dragonherp- Purchase(Ball Pythons)

Jeff Ronne(The Boaphile)- Purchase (Boas)

Guillermo Loza- Sale (Ball Pythons)

Ryan Medrano- Purchase and Trade(Ball Pythons)

Brandon Weik (Summit Reptiles)- Purchase(Boas)

David Colling(Rainbows-R-Us)- Purchase(Boas)

Carson Phelps (Herps ETC)- Purchase(Boas)

Reptile Obsession NW- Purchase(Ball Pythons)

Brian Shelton- Sale(Boas)

Traudie Potash- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Cristin DePlato- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Underground Reptiles- Purchase(Water Dragon)

Diego Ojeda-Sale(Ball Pythons)

Lindsay Stone-Sale(Ball Pythons)
Breana Bauer- Sale(Ball Pythons)

David McAdam-Trade(Ball Pythons)

Mark Batch- Purchase(Ball Python)

Michael Hall- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Ryan Hill(Captive Bred Specialties)- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Andrew Sargrad- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Tara Reed-Sale (Ball Pythons)

Chris Hall(Python Paint Jobs)- Trade(Ball Pythons) 

Tasia Larsen- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Debora Jefferis- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Becca & Anthony Beck- Sale(Ball Pythons)

Richard Cooper- Trade(Ball Pythons)

Joe & Mikey Lozano- Sale(Ball Pythons)



More to come...


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