Breeding 1-2012

Lesser x Cinnamon- As of 3/18/12, 7 locks with this pairing have been witnessed. Beginning to see build in female's lower half. Female is still on feed and has has gained around 300 gs. Started breeding at around 1200gs empty. I am expecting around 4-6 eggs from her. This is her first year breeding.

3/23/12- Came in to see that she was bowl wrapping and lumping up. Really hoping to see an ovulation here soon!

3/27/12- I have noticed her bowl wrapping almost every day since the last update. Things are looking up for this pairing!!!

3/30/12- Witnessed visual copulation for the 8th time. Her follicles are around the size of ping pong balls now, and I can feel either 5 or 6 of them. Hoping for good things to come.

4/2/12- Introduced male again, and he is now showing no interest in her at all. I am going to introduce one more time on 4/8/12, and if I don't witness a lock, or courting, I am pulling him from her for good and considering the job done.

4/5/12-Female's follicles continue to gain size, and she is also starting to show some good mid body swell!!! I am overly excited for this pairing and cannot wait to see the outcome!!!

4/13/12- Female is going into glow stage. Took some pics to represent this. Should ovulate here pretty soon!!! 

4/28/12- Witnessed ovulation 

5/12/12- Pre-lay Shed

6/11/12- Eggs Laid. 5 all healthy!

 Breeding 2-2012

Lesser, Fire, and Cinnamon Het Pied x Normal- Witnessed 1 lock with Fire, 3 locks with lesser, and 3 locks with cinny het pied. No building as of yet that I can see. Female is still pounding food, and is well over 1800gs now. Started the season at 1350gs. She is a proven breeder and laid 5 healthy eggs last year. (Picture is of the cinny het pied locked up with her. Not the best pic of the lock, but it was solid.)

3/23/12- Have noticed this female curled up on the cool side of the enclosure. Still no building that I can see, however, she laid in august of last year, so this year may be another late one, if she decides to go.

3/27/12- Witnessed lock with Cinny Het Pied. Still no building yet. That makes 8 total locks for this female. The most recent locks being with the Cinny Het Pied and the Lesser.

4/3/12- Witnessed another lock with CHP. Sill have yet to feel any building. She is still eating like a horse, so maybe she is trying to put on more weight before she starts to build?

4/5/12- Finally feeling a slight build. Her follicles are around the size of a dime at this point in time. This tells me that they are in the early stages of development.

4/15/12- Female's follicles feel as if they are around the size of a nickel or so. They are growing, but not very rapidly. Hopefully I will start to see the build in the mid body here sometime soon. She is currently in shed.

4/18/12- Witnessed lock with lesser male. This makes lock number 10 for this female. 

4/19/12- Follicles continue to gain size, however still cannot see any mid body swell. Things are looking up. I assume it will be some time before I see an ovulation.

5/14/12-Female's Follicles are big now. She is getting close to her ovulation date. I would say a week or two left. Mid Body Swell is in full effect. I believe I felt 8 follicles in her, so we will see how close I am when it comes time for her to lay.

5/26/12- Witnessed Ovulation

6/14/12- Pre-Lay Shed


Breeding 3-2012

Cinnamon x Cinnamon

4/5/2012-Pair locked 8 times so far this season, and things are looking good. Shooting for the super. She is building follicles. As of right now, they are around the size of ping pong balls. 

4/13/12- Female is starting to glow and should ovulate soon. She is swollen up nicely!!! I can not begin to mention how big her belly is!

4/28/12- Witnessed ovulation

5/12/12- Pre-Lay Shed

6/12/12- Eggs Laid. 6 all healthy!

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